Maintaining Your Supply Chain in Today's "New Normal"

Do you know the status of your purchase order in your supply chain?

In times of major global disruptions, like COVID-19, businesses must have real-time visibility into their global supply chain and the ability to make insightful, proactive decisions.

Questions business are asking Today

Where are the products we ordered? How can we quickly respond to sudden supply chain disruptions or changing customer preferences?  Being able to quickly answer questions is paramount to meeting customer demand and winning customer loyalty. 

In the wake of supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19, several experts reiterate the need for more visibility across the supply chain.


An integrated platform that can unlock product visibility starting from Purchase Order Control to Delivery Receipt and all milestones in between! 

Delivering business value that matters:

  • Integrated visibility to your products across all modes of international and domestic transport - including rail, ocean, and air
  • AI-driven disruption risk alerts at product SKU level
  • Real-time IoT alerting to ensure product integrity 

How can UST OmniTM help you better manage your supply chain? 

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