Whitepaper: Self-service test data provisioning


Many developments and quality engineering teams leverage the traditional practice of copying large data sets to test environments from production after masking. However, agile sprint teams cannot afford to wait for days to gain access to data as there is an increasing need to cut down test cycle time and run testing cycles in parallel.

This whitepaper provides insights on self-service test data provisioning capabilities that will help technical and non-technical users accelerate the testing process and reduce overall time and cost. It also covers organizations’ techniques for adopting self-service data provisioning to address their test data-related challenges and achieve speed to market without compromising quality.

What you will learn from this whitepaper

  • Best approaches for accelerating the data generation process
  • High-level architecture of a fully automated approach
  • How UST can help developing test data provisioning solutions

Learn how data provisioning solutions will help reduce dependencies by making the process self-sufficient and creating larger volumes of data with ease.

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