NelsonHall, the industry’s leading BPO and Outsourcing analyst firm, has recognized UST SmartOps™ as a “Leader” in Server-Centric Services and “High Achiever” in Cognitive   Service Desk in their market analysis entitled “Cognitive & Self-Healing IT Infrastructure Management Services,” published on April 12th, 2021.

The report’s author, John Laherty, provides his analysis of how UST SmartOps has evolved its core AI capabilities to improve the performance and availability of IT infrastructure and applications. These benefits extend to include cloud-native services and additional future deployments

The research states that “UST is positioning UST SmartOps as an integral solution to support its clients within cloud and infrastructure services. This includes helping clients with cloud solutions or driving transformation by enabling them to build and accelerate digital platforms for their businesses. From an AI-Ops perspective, the integrated platform supports monitoring, management, and automation with AI at its core. It provides a single pane of glass dashboard administration console, looking at reliability, operability, and remediation. From an IT-Ops SaaS perspective, it integrates with all existing client databases, where it utilizes its data collector, and R-Hub which is a remote hub in the client premises capturing all events, metrics, and data, and I-Hub within the platform correlates the data for the next phase in the data topology.”

To understand more about UST SmartOps and how it can accelerate your transformation from ITOps to AIOps, download a complimentary copy of the report today.

UST Transforming Enterprise Business Operations with UST SmartOps